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GFDD Strengthens Partnerships with Dominican Student Leaders from Universities and Colleges in New York City

New York, June 6, 2012

On Tuesday, June 5, Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) convened a reception with active Dominican leaders in the New York City academic community. Student leaders and faculty met with the Foundation’s executives and staff to present GFDD’s programs and projects and to learn more about the innovative and influential work being spearheaded by Dominican youth leaders.

GFDD staff discussed how the organization’s academic oriented programs InteRDom and The Fellows Program can help to bolster students’ academic and professional advancement, while contributing to the development of the Dominican Republic.

Invited students, faculty and community leaders represented Columbia University, Grupo Quisqueyano Columbia, The City University of New York (CUNY), the CUNY Dominican Students Association, John Jay College and Lehman College.

“We’re carrying out important work,” said Executive Director, Natasha Despotovic, “and it’s critical that we connect with our audience so that we ensure that what we are doing ‘makes sense’.”

Haile Rivera, community leader and co-founder of Hands on New York, Inc. – - a non-profit that services families and individuals in the Bronx – conveyed the value of connecting student leaders with the work of GFDD so that the can both benefit from the Foundation’s rich program offerings and serve as “Ambassadors of GFDD” to other likeminded associations and organizations.

Reinforcing the importance of “getting the word out”, Rivera expressed, “These activities are not just of interest to the Dominican Republic and the Latino/Hispanic community, but those interested in Dominican culture worldwide.”

With relation to topics for upcoming Dominican Get-Togethers, participants expressed interest in education on health issues affecting the Dominican community, such as the rise of diabetes and heart disease.

GFDD will be organizing follow-up meetings in locations determined by student participants. The Foundation looks forward to playing a contributing role in the events and activities being prepared by the student-led groups and associations.

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