Latest program developments

GFDD/Funglode Fellow Presents Book During UN World Interfaith Harmony Week
New York, February 2, 2019
Announcing the Launch of GFDD/Funglode Fellow Christina C. Davidson’s “Analysis of Evangelical Christianity in the Dominican Republic”
Santo Domingo, November 12, 2018
Expert Highlights that it is Necessary to Invest in Youth Training for the Development of a Dominican Volunteer System
Santo Domingo, August 13, 2018
Sergio Morales Muñoz: “Climate Change Must be a Government Priority”
Santo Domingo, August 8, 2018
Funglode/GFDD Announce Launching of Publication on Volunteerism in the Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, July 31, 2018
GFDD & FUNGLODE Host the Release of the Book ‘Fundamentals of the Dominican Voluntary Sector’ by Ms. Megan Beddow
New York, February 16, 2018
Study Launch: Spanish Translation of Impact Investing in the Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, November 17, 2017
The Dominican Republic Must Enhance Sustainable Tourism to Reduce Costs and Achieve Greater Social Development
Santo Domingo, May 19, 2017
All Research and Ideas Publications Are Now Available for Free in Our Websites!
Washington DC, April 24, 2017
Newest GFDD Fellow Sergio Morales Will Research Environmental Impact Assessment Tools in the Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, October 17, 2016
“We Need to Ensure that Economic Development Reaches the Country’s Poorest” states GFDD Fellow Emma Fawcett during Publication Launch
Washington, D.C., August 31, 2016
The Fellows Program Welcomes the New Researchers to the Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, June 20, 2016
Newest Fellow Aireona Bonnie Raschke Researches Ecotourism Development in the Caribbean through the Whale Watching Industry in the Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, February 11, 2016
“There are opportunities to strengthen relationship between China and Dominican Republic through Chinese diaspora”, GFDD Fellow Yuan Li says
Santo Domingo, December 11 2015
Announcing Fellows Publication Launch and Panel Discussion on Climate Change Adaptation at the University of Rhode Island
South Kingston, RI, October 29 2015
Announcing Fellows Publication Launch and Panel Discussion on Climate Change Adaptation at the University of Rhode Island
South Kingston, RI, October 27 2015
GFDD Book Launch and Discussion on Dominican Republic and China: Exchange, Trade, and Investment
Washington, D.C., October 20 2015
Fellows Program Welcomes Newest Program Participant Megan Beddow
Santo Domingo, June 04 2015.
Fellows Program Announces Partnership with University of Rhode Island for Coastal Resources Master’s Fellowship
Nueva York, 29 de abril, 2015
Meet Megan Beddow, GFDD/FUNGLODE Fellow Researching Nonprofit Management in the Dominican Republic
New York, April 27, 2015
Newest Fellow Jenna Giandoni Researches the Impact of Investments in Sustainable Environmental Projects in the Dominican Republic
New York, February 17, 2015
New Fellow Christina Davidson Explores the History of Protestantism in the Dominican Republic
New York, December 17, 2014
Emma Fawcett Brings Tourism and Development to Center Stage Through Fellows Program
New York, August 28, 2014
Meet Hilary Lohmann, GFDD/FUNGLODE Fellow Researching Resource Dependency for Coastal Communities to Climate Change Adaptation
New York, July 23, 2014
GFDD/FUNGLODE Fellow, Dr. James Mahon, Presents his Research at the Social Economic Council
Santo Domingo, June 18, 2014
GFDD and FUNGLODE Publication "El Metro" Now Available in Digital Audio Format
New York, May 16, 2014
Fellows Program Generates Interest Among SIPA Students at Columbia University
New York, March 25, 2014
Columbia University Hosts First Fellows Program Information Session
New York, March 24, 2014
Meet Jim Mahon, GFDD/FUNGLODE Fellow Researching Tax Incidence and Tax Reforms in the Dominican Republic and Latin America
New York, March 17, 2014
Meet Mat Rosa, GFDD/FUNGLODE Fellow Researching Governance Profiles of Institutional Arrangements for Climate Change Adaptation
New York, March 6, 2014
Meet Henry Montero, GFDD/FUNGLODE Fellow Researching Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease
New York, February 3, 2014
GFDD and FUNGLODE Present Fellow Program Candidate Findings at UN Headquarters
New York, October 9, 2013
Panel Discussion Convened at FUNGLODE Asserts Importance of Efficient Social Spending Emanating from Incoming Tax Revenue
Santo Domingo, julio 26, 2013
GFDD and FUNGLODE to Host a Tax Reform Seminar with the Participation of International and National Tax Experts
Santo Domingo, April 19, 2013
GFDD and FUNGLODE Book Highlights Research on Mental Health in the Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, April 17, 2013
InteRDom and Fellows Program to Participate in 7th Annual National Dominican Student Conference
New York, March 28, 2013
Researchers from NYU School of Medicine’s Child Study Center Conduct Research in the Dominican Republic Through the Fellows Program
Santo Domingo, February 4, 2013
New GFDD and FUNGLODE Publication Points towards the Sustainable Development of Santo Domingo via its Metro Transportation System
Santo Domingo, January 15, 2013
Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and FUNGLODE Announce Presentation of El Metro Publication
Santo Domingo, January 9, 2013
The Fellows Program Announces Research Initiative with New York University Child Study Center on the Effects of Developmental Transactions during Early Childhood on the Mental Health and Functioning of Young Dominican Children
New York, October 22, 2012
GFDD Publishes Report on Transportation System Integration in Santo Domingo by GFDD/FUNGLODE Fellow Carl Allen
New York, July 27, 2012
Meet José Caraballo Cueto, GFDD/FUNGLODE Fellow in the Area of Economic Development and Poverty Eradication
New York, July 24, 2012
GFDD Strengthens Partnerships with Dominican Student Leaders from Universities and Colleges in New York City
New York, June 6, 2012
Interested in Conducting Research in the Dominican Republic?
New York, May 25, 2012
Albertyo Fiallo Apply Now for Fellowship Opportunities for Summer 2012
New York, March 4, 2012
Albertyo Fiallo Panel at United Nations Headquarters Makes the Case for Integration of Mental Health Servicing within Public Health Paradigms
New York, 4/12/2011
Albertyo Fiallo Panel on Global Advances and Challenges in Mental Health at UN Headquarters
New York, 4/1/2011
CUNY Panel on Science and Development in the Dominican Republic at CUNY Sparks Interest

New York, 11/8/2010

Albertyo Fiallo GFDD Will Co-Sponsor Panel: "The Role of Science in the Economic Development of the Dominican Republic" at The City College of New York
New York, 10/25/2010
Albertyo Fiallo InteRDom Welcomes Fellow Latonja Taylor

Santo Domingo, 8/22/2010

Albertyo Fiallo Meet Fellows Advisor in the Area of Public Health, Dr. Alberto Fiallo Billini
New York, July 19, 2010
Yosmayra Reyes InteRDom Fellow Yosmayra Reyes Realizes Investigation on the Challenges Impacting Mental Health Care Services in the Dominican Republic
New York, July 19, 2010
Yosmayra Reyes Apply Now for Fellowship Opportunities for Spring 2011

New York, 7/25/2010

Metro Santo Domingo The Metro of Santo Domingo, the Subject of a Panel at UN Headquarters in New York City

New York, 5/4/2010

Metro Santo Domingo InteRDom Fellow Will Present at Panel on Sustainable Transport Organized by GFDD and FUNGLODE at United Nations Headquarters in NYC
New York, April 26, 2010
Fellows Program Fellows Program Opportunities Now Available for Fall 2010
Nueva York, 4 de marzo, 2010
Fellows PRogram InteRDom Introduces the Fellows Program, Providing Opportunities for Research and Exchange Related to Social and Economic Development Nueva York, 4 de marzo, 2010